5 important factors worth considering when looking for the best pudding keycaps

When exploring the world of mechanical keyboards, you may come across pudding keycaps. These keycaps are see-through and can enhance the look of your keyboard while giving you a different typing experience. Choosing the right pudding keycaps involves thinking about different things to make sure they match your needs and style. Factors like whether they work with different switch types or how they affect RGB lighting are important to consider in order to be happy with your typing experience. Looking closely at pudding keycaps allows you to get the most out of your mechanical keyboard setup and add a personal touch to your workspace.

See our guide to the best pudding keycaps.

Material quality

When you’re looking to buy pudding keycaps, it’s important to think about the materials they’re made of. Choosing keycaps made from top-notch materials can make a big difference in how well your keyboard performs and how long it lasts. Quality materials not only make typing feel better but also help keycaps last longer without wearing out. Investing in keycaps made from premium materials can make typing more enjoyable, giving you a satisfying feeling with each press of a key. On the other hand, using lower-quality materials may result in a less enjoyable typing experience, causing keycaps to wear out quickly and look less nice.

The material used to make pudding keycaps is crucial for their appearance and feel. Choosing keycaps made from strong materials like PBT can give them a more solid and high-end feel, making them more resistant to oils and shine over time. In addition, high-quality materials keep keycaps looking vibrant and colorful for a long time, ensuring that your keyboard stays visually pleasing for a while. When picking pudding keycaps, it’s important to prioritize material quality to make sure you have a satisfying typing experience that not only looks great but also lasts a long time.

Compatibility with keyboard layout

When you buy pudding keycaps for your keyboard, it’s important to make sure they work with the layout you like. Whether you type without looking with a regular QWERTY setup or prefer different layouts like Dvorak or Colemak, having keycaps that match your setup will make your keyboard look better and work better. Having keycaps that fit your layout means typing will be smooth and enjoyable, with each key connected to its function visually.

Pudding keycaps are popular for customizing keyboards because they look great. But what’s really special is when they look good and work well together. Choosing keycaps that match your layout not only improves the appearance of your keyboard, but also makes typing better. Whether you care about efficiency, comfort, or just what you like, making sure your keycaps and layout match is a small but important detail that can really improve your typing experience.

Keycap profile

When choosing pudding keycaps for your mechanical keyboard, one important thing to think about is the keycap profile. The keycap profile determines the shape and height of the keycaps, which can affect how it feels to type and how your keyboard looks.

It’s important to find a keycap profile that looks good to you and feels comfortable to type on. Different profiles, like OEM, Cherry, SA, and DSA, all have their own unique features that appeal to different people. You can choose a profile that is curved or flat, depending on what feels best for you.

The right keycap profile can make a big difference in how accurate and fast you type, as well as how comfortable you feel during long typing sessions. Matching the keycap profile to your typing style ensures that you enjoy using your keyboard. Whether you care more about looks or how easy it is to type, picking the right keycap profile is a key decision when customizing your mechanical keyboard with pudding keycaps.

Trying out different profiles can help you find the perfect balance between looks and comfort for a typing experience that is uniquely yours.


Durability is an important factor to consider when buying pudding keycaps for your mechanical keyboard. High-quality keycaps not only make your keyboard look better but also make typing more reliable. Keycaps made from strong materials like double-shot ABS or PBT plastic can help your keyboard last longer and resist damage over time. You should look for keycaps that won’t fade or chip with regular use for a better typing experience.

Durable pudding keycaps also provide better tactile feedback and smoother typing. They are resistant to oils, dirt, and grime, making them easier to keep clean and looking good for a long time. By choosing durable keycaps, you can improve your keyboard’s appearance and ensure a high-quality typing experience for years to come. Durability is an important factor to consider when choosing pudding keycaps because it helps protect your keyboard and keeps it performing well.

Aesthetic design

Choosing pudding keycaps for your mechanical keyboard is all about the design. These keycaps make typing more fun by adding style. Pudding keycaps have two layers that make RGB lighting look better and give your keyboard a classy look. The clear top and solid bottom create a cool effect, letting bright colors shine through and light up your desk.

Pudding keycaps are not just about looks – they let you show off your personality, too. You can pick from basic black and white or go for fun, bright colors. This gives you the chance to make your keyboard match your style, whether you like simple or bold looks. With pudding keycaps, you can make your keyboard unique to you. They don’t just make your keyboard look better; they also make typing feel more special.


In a world where customization is highly valued, pudding keycaps are more than just a passing trend. They give people a way to show their personal style when using mechanical keyboards. Pudding keycaps have a see-through design and bright colors that make typing a visually appealing experience. As fans of this unique style continue to grow, pudding keycaps are appealing not just for their looks but also for the sense of identity they bring to each keystroke. Using pudding keycaps transforms a keyboard from a simple tool into a way to express personality, creativity, and individuality in a digital age.

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